driving our regional economy through water innovation

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  • 2013

    world economic forum lists water scarcity as the 2nd greatest risk to the world market

  • By 2050

    GDP impact moves from 22% to 45% if more sustainable water practices are not adopted

  • 95.5 million

    short tons in cargo handling by Ohio ports — 8th in the nation

  • 22%

    of worlds GDP ($9.4 trillion at 2000 prices) is produced in water-scarce areas

  • 1.5 million

    Water-related jobs in the Great Lakes System

  • 21%

    of the world's fresh water is in the Great Lakes System

  • $17 Trillion

    of GDP less at risk if water innovation, sustainability and water efficiency is adopted

  • 39%

    of current global grain production is not sustainable in terms of water use

  • $28 Billion

    in annual economic impact from Ohio tourism

  • 4.8 Billion

    people, 1/2+ of world’s population will be exposed to severe water scarcity by 2050

  • 36%

    of global population (2.5 billion people) already live in water-scarce regions

  • $2.9 billion

    in annual economic impact from fishing