Unveiling the 2023 Lake Erie Volunteer Science Network (LEVSN) Field Season Report

April 1, 2024
Max Herzog

Unveiling the 2023 Lake Erie Volunteer Science Network (LEVSN) Field Season Report


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As we step into April 2024, marking the commencement of our most ambitious season yet, the Lake Erie Volunteer Science Network (LEVSN) proudly releases its comprehensive 2023 field season report. As the Program Manager at Cleveland Water Alliance (CWA), overseeing LEVSN's trajectory has not just been a professional endeavor but a personal commitment to fostering a culture of environmental stewardship across the Great Lake Basin.

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2023: A Year of Substantial Data and Insights

The 2023 field season was unprecedented in its scope and scale.

1,335 samples were collected across 127 stations, reflecting the tireless efforts of 143 volunteers who dedicated 3,196 hours to monitoring 20 waterways.

Our collaborative effort yielded over 1,300 data points, analyzed with our network's standardized tools, offering a comprehensive assessment that helps us understand land management and pollution issues across 20 local watersheds and the broader Lake Erie Basin.

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Findings That Matter

Our meticulous monthly sampling [April to October] revealed:

Growth and Evolution: Setting the Stage for 2024

Leveraging insights from both the 2022 and 2023 seasons, LEVSN has refined its processes and documentation, gearing up to welcome 21 groups this year. Our achievements in 2023 underscore the power of collaboration and standardized data analysis in enhancing the network's scope and efficiency.

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Join Us: For a Healthier Lake Erie

As LEVSN embarks on the 2024 field season, we invite you to dive into the rich insights of our 2023 Lake Erie Watershed Health Field Season Report. This document is not just a testament to our past year's work but a beacon guiding our ongoing and future efforts.

- Get Involved: Your contribution can significantly impact our collective mission, whether by joining a local hub or supporting the network's expansion.

- Empowerment through Collaboration: Our success is a shared success, made possible by every volunteer, partner, and community member who believes in the health of the Lake Erie Basin.

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Looking Ahead

The journey of LEVSN is a compelling narrative of growth, collaboration, and impact. As we continue to refine our approach and expand our network, we remain focused on the critical role of volunteer science in safeguarding our waters. The potential for future contributions and the broader application of our findings promise to shape the landscape of water quality management and conservation in the Lake Erie Basin and beyond.

Support the Movement

Your engagement and support fuel our progress. Explore our 2023 report, join our growing community of volunteers and funders, and help us write the next chapter in our shared story of environmental stewardship.

For more details on how you can be a part of this pivotal movement, please contact me at mherzog@clewa.org. Together, we'll continue to advance the science and community impact that define LEVSN.

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