Changing how we value water

The need has never been so urgent: innovation around how we use, protect, remiedate, and fortify water resources and infrastructure is critical to the future of our industries, communities, and economies - here in Ohio and around the world.

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What is CWA?

We accelerate the Great Lakes region's water economy by generating innovative solutions to global freshwater issues. CWA serves as a connector and hub: providing quality data, meaningful connections, powerful solutions, and rich opportunities to those who use, manage, and monitor our planet’s most valuable asset. 

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Attracting global technology to the region by creating jobs and investment opportunities.


Elevating innovation with opportunities to test and trial technology, and connect with customers and users.


Providing access to real-time data through our telecom infrastructure and Smart Lake monitoring.


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CWA centrally connects 200+ Water Industry Partners,
30+ Utility Partners, and 23 Research Institutions.

Infographic highlighting data about CWA

40+ technology trials. and demonstrations completed or underway

12k+ square miles of telecommunications coverate with the Smart Lake Erie Watershed initiative

Mobilizing 300+ industry-leading public and private partnerships

Attracrted 6M+ investments in water technology to the region

Deploying 200+ smart lake sensors throughout Lake Erie

Directly invested nearly $500k in early-stage innovation

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