Aquatech Amsterdam 2023: Contributing to Global Conversations in Water Innovation

November 27, 2023

As the year draws to a close, we reflect on our recent participation in the Aquatech Amsterdam conference, held November 6-9. This event, attended by our Program Manager, Max Herzog, and Innovation Advocate / Deal Flow Analyst, Emily Hamilton, was not just an opportunity to witness the forefront of water technology but also a platform to reinforce CWA’s position as global leaders in accelerating water innovation.

Aquatech Amsterdam is a leading trade exhibition for process, drinking, and wastewater. The conference focuses on water technology, showcasing the latest innovations and products in the water sector, and attracts roughly 20,000 attendees including utility operators, industry leaders, and water management and technology experts.


Aquatech Amsterdam, known for gathering innovators and utilities from around the world, served as an ideal backdrop for us to engage in critical discussions about current trends and concerns in the water industry. The prominence of issues like PFAS and nutrient loading were especially notable. This year at Aquatech, our team gained invaluable insights into water issues from a global viewpoint, enhancing CWA’s understanding of diverse regional approaches to water challenges. This expanded perspective is essential for us to connect with holistic and effective water management solutions. Our staff observed significant differences in how these issues are addressed between Europe and the US, with European strategies frequently demonstrating more sustainable approaches and robust regulatory frameworks.

Emily Hamilton and Max Herzog present on “Accelerating Innovative Sensing and Data Through Water Technology Testbeds”


Our presence at Aquatech was a testament to our commitment to leading the global conversation on freshwater innovation. Max and Emily participated in various panel discussions, including a significant talk on “Accelerating Innovative Sensing and Data Through Water Technology Testbeds” as part of Bluefield Research’s speaker series. Their insights into the role of sensor and IoT technology in water quality monitoring, the challenges in phosphorus monitoring, and the emerging trends in smart infrastructure and edge computing solutions were particularly noteworthy.


Additionally, collaborations with global partners were initiated. From discussing sensor technology with European innovators to exploring opportunities with companies like Ackrucial and Puraffinity, we demonstrated our dedication to not only staying abreast of global trends but also actively shaping them. 

During our conversations with these innovators, we heard about the need to test and demonstrate technology in a variety of real-world conditions, affirming the demand and the value of our Smart Lake Erie Watershed and Testbed efforts. We also noted the value of subscription models and the data as a service approach, highlighting the evolving nature of revenue streams in the water industry.

The Aquatech conference also allowed us to explore potential collaborations with environmental clusters from Denmark and other European countries, emphasizing our global recognition and the strength of the network we’ve cultivated. Our discussions ranged from advanced manufacturing and sustainability to capturing rare earth minerals from wastewater streams, continuing to expand our already expansive approach to water innovation.


At CWA, we understand the importance of international collaboration and knowledge exchange in driving freshwater innovation forward. Our participation in Aquatech Amsterdam focused on showcasing our expertise and absorbing new ideas, technologies, and approaches from around the globe. This experience has invigorated us to continue our work, knowing that we are part of a larger, global effort to address our most pressing water challenges.

We are thankful for the presence of our European representatives, Leonard Kieseler and Paul Kaiser, headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany with OCO Global, who further support our connection to clusters and innovators overseas and expand our impact around the world.

As we move forward, we remain committed to leading the charge in freshwater innovation, engaging in international conversations, and establishing partnerships that transcend borders. Our journey at Aquatech Amsterdam was a clear indicator of our influential role in the global water conversation, and we are excited to continue this momentum into the future.

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