Cleveland Water Alliance at CES: Innovations and Insights

January 18, 2024

Discovering the Future of Water Technology at CES

Last week, CWA’s Executive Director, Bryan Stubbs, and Director of Innovations & Clusters, Ebie Holst, represented the organization at the renowned Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. CES, the global stage for innovation, is pivotal for industries far and wide, including the water sector. During their time, Bryan and Ebie visited innovation pavilions from France, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Portugal, Turkey, and South Korea. CWA's presence at CES underscores our commitment to staying abreast of emerging water technologies and connecting with innovators worldwide.

A Glimpse into Tomorrow’s Water Solutions

While CES offers a unique window into the latest, flashiest, and trendiest consumer electronics trends, this year’s event also emphasized climate and health-related technology. We were thrilled to see utilities like Korea’s K Water showcase their interest in innovation by bringing 17 companies, underscoring the digital transformation in water management.

Key Trends in Water Technology

1. Point-of-Use Detection: We observed an increasing focus on technologies that enable water quality monitoring at home or in specific consumer locations.

2. Biological Monitoring: Innovations like real-time water quality monitoring through sensors attached to mollusks represent a breakthrough in combining biology with technology.

Partnerships and Connections

Our trip was not just about observing; it was about engaging and building relationships. We connected with several colleagues and partners. Here are a few highlights of the conversations we shared:

Relationships and network building are at the heart of our work and empower us to create effective solutions across silos and around the world.

Impactful Outcomes

Our engagement at CES was incredibly productive. We discovered that the show hosted exciting cutting-edge, early-stage water technologies not seen at other U.S. water events. CES is unique because it places innovation at its core; this year’s event generated many prospects for our testbed and potential matches for our end-user network. This excited and inspired us.

The presence of investors and companies interested in acquiring new technologies was a strong indicator of the growing interest in water tech. 

CES is never complete without some surprises and this year was no exception. We are constantly impressed and amused by innovations like Smart Toilets, which merge plumbing, health, and technology.

Expanding Horizons

Our full tour of Eureka Park, CES’s hub for new technologies, was enlightening. The hall hosted over 4,300 exhibitors, including a record number of startups. Our journey included visits to pavilions from countries like France, Germany, and South Korea, offering a glimpse into international advancements and sparking conversations with many innovators interested in further collaboration with Cleveland Water Alliance.

CES: A Hub of Early-Stage Innovation

Ebie and Bryan observed that CES houses more early-stage technologies than typical water industry conferences. The show is a destination for innovation, where the latest in see-through LCD screens, autonomous mobility, and upcoming innovations by companies like Honda are on full display, and now, more than ever, so are digital water solutions. CES stands out in the innovation landscape.

CES Proves to be a Success, Again!

CES was an invaluable experience for Cleveland Water Alliance. It was not just about observing the latest trends but about actively engaging with the global community of water innovators. The insights and connections we gained are pivotal in our mission to advance water technology and management. CES, with its focus on innovation and technology, has proven to be an essential platform for CWA and the water industry at large.

Stay tuned for more updates on our journey in advancing water technology and our continued engagement with global innovators!

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