CWA hosts Sensor Calibration Event at Cleveland State University

May 11, 2023

In partnership with Freeboard Technology, we recently organized a Sonde Calibration Event at the Cleveland State University Dan T. Moore MakerSpace, inviting researchers, utilities, and other smart sensor users to help ensure the accurate measurements of water quality and conditions in our Great Lake, allowing for safe and reliable management of freshwater resources in Northeast Ohio.

Photos by The Cogent Company, 2023

The Sonde Calibration event - the first of its kind in Cleveland - was an educational and networking opportunity for water managers and industry leaders who use sensor technology regionally. Representatives from Freeboard’s parent company, LimnoTech, as well as Ohio company YSI, the makers of the sondes, were present and provided free training, software, education, and support in cleaning and calibrating the sensors that will be deployed in a variety of water conditions around Northeast Ohio this spring. We pride ourselves in fostering a network of partners who provide value to the water industry in Ohio and beyond by supporting opportunities to advance and amplify their work to protect and manage our most precious resource.

The smart buoy technology is being used throughout Lake Erie’s coastline, as well as inland in creeks and rivers, to monitor and report on water quality in real-time. This technology is crucial for protecting our watersheds and acting quickly to predict and prevent public health concerns. By early detecting harmful algal blooms, measuring temperature and oxygen levels, and collecting other critical data, these buoys are providing valuable insights that can help protect this vital resource, its ecosystem, and its economy. It also allows for robust data to gather insight about our Lake, see a pattern in freshwater trends, and provide a platform for innovators to create powerful technology solutions to major freshwater challenges around the world.

Learn more about our Smart Lake Erie Watershed initiative here.

We recognize the critical role of technology and innovation in ensuring long-term access to clean and sustainable water resources. By promoting sustainable water practices and driving economic growth in the region, we are working towards a future where every community has access to clean and safe freshwater for generations to come. We are proud to be at the forefront of these developments and collaborations, and we look forward to continuing to drive progress and innovation in the water economy in our region and beyond.

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