Data Deep Dive: Total Solar Eclipse Edition

April 11, 2024
Dr. Jeff Pu

Observing the Solar Eclipse Over Lake Erie

On April 8th, observers across Northeast Ohio witnessed a once-in-a-lifetime total solar eclipse, an event where the moon obscures the sun, casting a shadow over Earth. This rare phenomenon offers a unique opportunity for data collection, particularly regarding its impact on local environmental conditions.

Using the Smart Lake Erie Watershed to Gather Data Insights During the Eclipse

Cleveland Water Alliance spearheads the Smart Lake Erie Watershed (SLEW), which employs advanced sensor technology to monitor environmental parameters throughout the watershed. This initiative enables precise data collection and analysis, enhancing our understanding and management of Lake Erie's resources. We utilized our sensors throughout the SLEW to gather data during this phenomenon. 

During the eclipse, our network of sensors captured valuable data: Our Chagrin Harbor station experienced a temperature drop of 12.6°F in 30 minutes, Avon saw a decrease of 5.76°F, and Euclid Park recorded a 7.2°F drop over 70 minutes. Additionally, a noticeable dip in solar radiation was observed between 2 PM and 4:30 PM across these locations, coinciding with totality. These findings highlight the significant, albeit temporary, environmental changes triggered by the eclipse.

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The data collected during this unique astronomical event demonstrates the Smart Lake Erie Watershed’s ability to gain real-time insights into ever-changing environmental dynamics. 

For more insights and information on the Smart Lake Erie Watershed, discover how you can contribute to and benefit from this technology-driven environmental stewardship.


Dr. Jeff Pu
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Dr. Jeff Pu

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Dr. Jeff Pu is a postdoctoral research fellow specializing in water resource issues, known for his work with innovative sensors around Lake Erie, supported by organizations like Cleveland Water Alliance and NOAA CIGLR, and is dedicated to sharing his findings to protect the Great Lakes' water resources.

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