Funding Water Innovation: Cleveland Water Alliance's Executive Director Takes the Stage at E-Capital Summit

April 30, 2023

Cleveland Water Alliance (CWA) is thrilled to announce that our Executive Director, Bryan Stubbs, was invited to speak at the 7th Annual E-Capital Summit during EarthX's Congress of Conferences in Dallas, Texas. The invitation-only summit brings together investors, innovators, dealmakers, industry leaders, and other ecosystem innovators to raise awareness, educate, and catalyze greater action related to sustainability investments and business innovation.

Bryan participated in the Investment Forum on April 20th, where he shared the stage with Eric Smith, Director of the Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the US Economic Development Administration, in a panel discussion on "Regional Development through US Economic Development Administration Initiatives." The discussion focused on the role of regional-based innovation in moving the needle on technology-based economic development – both technology acceleration and job creation– and its broader impacts. Some of these impacts include an increase in access to clean water, water quality, and community health outcomes.

Bryan enjoyed other panels at the conference on topics like cleantech investing, the role of family foundation offices, and the role of IP in the process. He especially enjoyed watching the cleantech pitches for start-up enterprises.

During his trip, he was able to connect with incredible people at Ocean Exchange and Aspen Institute, as well as our partners from Current in Chicago.

Bryan emphasized the importance of supporting and investing in innovative solutions to freshwater challenges. He believes that initiatives like CWA's Freshwater Innovation Fund are crucial in driving innovation and sustainability in the water industry. By supporting startups and early-stage companies, the fund can help bring new ideas and technologies to the market, ultimately leading to a more sustainable future for our planet. His representation of CWA at this event continues to solidify CWA as the national leader for Freshwater Innovation.

The Freshwater Innovation Fund offers funding to entrepreneurs and innovators who are developing new technologies and solutions to address water challenges such as pollution, scarcity, and sustainability. The fund focuses on companies that have the potential to make a significant impact in the water industry and beyond.

CWA is proud to support initiatives like the Freshwater Innovation Fund and looks forward to collaborating with entrepreneurs, investors, and other stakeholders to create a sustainable future for our water resources. By fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in the water industry, we can ensure that we have access to clean, safe water for generations to come.

To learn more about what CWA is doing to support growth and investment in innovative water tech, visit our Freshwater Innovation Fund page

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