Guest Blog: In-Situ Talks with Andrew Luessenhop about the Company’s Relationship with Cleveland Water Alliance

December 14, 2021

By: Heather Risatti, In-Situ Staff Writer

Cleveland Water Alliance (CWA) and In-Situ are leveraging innovative technology to monitor, analyze, and protect our most valuable resource.

To learn more about In-Situ’s work with CWA, we sat down with Andrew Luessenhop, our sales manager for the Central U.S. and CWA liaison.

In-Situ: How did the partnership between In-Situ and CWA start?

Andrew: In-Situ was introduced to CWA through LimnoTech, another partner involved in the water quality industry that also has a passion for clean, sustainable water and works in the Great Lakes region. They thought CWA would be a great fit for In-Situ’s technology.

CWA’s goals align very well with In-Situ’s extensive research and development to bring innovative solutions to the marketplace.

In-Situ: How is CWA using In-Situ equipment?

Andrew: Water monitoring solutions are deployed in several river and lake testbed sites across Northeast Ohio and include In-Situ equipment and similar instruments from other manufacturers. CWA is making the data available to interested parties across multiple industries and conducting a comparative analysis related to set up, deployment, data accuracy, and equipment maintenance.

In-Situ: Where does In-Situ have equipment installed?

Andrew: A Level TROLL water level sensor connected to In-Situ’s VuLink telemetry device is installed at a pump station on the Maumee River, where it transmits real-time data on river conditions to the cloud.

An Aqua TROLL 600 Multiparameter Sonde deployed in Old Woman Creek monitors turbidity, temperature and specific conductivity. That unit, with its interchangeable sensors and long-lasting battery, is ideal for a long-term deployment. It is installed next to similar pieces of equipment from two other manufacturers for data comparison.

An Aqua TROLL 600 Multiparameter Sonde will be deployed in the near future to monitor for harmful algal blooms offshore, using a portable buoy. The sonde will measure turbidity, chlorophyll a, temperature, conductivity, and phycocyanin (BGA-PC).

In-Situ: Big picture, why does it make sense for CWA and In-Situ to work together?

Andrew: There are two major pieces In-Situ brings to the table in helping CWA advance research to preserve and protect water resources in the Great Lakes region: personnel and technology. In-Situ has experience in all applications and is constantly connecting with customers to help them optimize solutions they need.

On the technology side, our reliable and highly intuitive products give CWA’s users the ability to deploy, monitor and gather data efficiently.

In-Situ is excited about the growth potential of the partnership with CWA and looks forward to participating in future research studies, hosting webinars and joining programs related to citizen science.

CWA Partners Limnotech installing. In-Situ sensors at Old Woman Creek.

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