How to Access Real-Time Data on Lake Erie Conditions

April 23, 2024
Dr. Jeff Pu

While Lake Erie warms up, recreation season kicks off!

With over 10 million US Residents living along Lake Erie shores, and countless fisheries, utilities, and other industries relying on the lake for their livelihoods, the ever-changing maritime and weather conditions have a significant impact on the day to day lives of many people.

The Smart Lake Erie Watershed initiative is a project of Cleveland Water Alliance that has established over 6,500 square miles of telecommunications network coverage across the Lake Erie Watershed, connecting Smart Buoys equipped with sensors that transmit real-time weather and maritime conditions data for public use.

Where Can I Access Smart Lake Erie Data?

Select data can be accessed through a new CWA data viewer (launching Spring 2024) or through the Text A Buoy program, owned and operated by CWA Partners at LimnoTech. The Text A Buoy program is the only program like this in the world, and works with any 5-digit buoy anywhere in the world that's listed on the NOAA site.  

How to Text A Buoy

Look up a buoy of interest here or find one while roaming around on Lake Erie and text the 5-digit buoy-ID number to (866) 218-9973, and you'll receive wind, wave and temperature conditions at the buoy's location.

Photos by Great Lakes Outreach Media
Dr. Jeff Pu
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Dr. Jeff Pu

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Dr. Jeff Pu is a postdoctoral research fellow specializing in water resource issues, known for his work with innovative sensors around Lake Erie, supported by organizations like Cleveland Water Alliance and NOAA CIGLR, and is dedicated to sharing his findings to protect the Great Lakes' water resources.

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