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About Cleveland Water Alliance


  • Founded 2014
  • Type 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization
  • Category Economic Development, Technology Cluster, Business/Innovation Accelerator
  • Mission Foster a world-class freshwater innovation ecosystem that spurs the economy, harnesses technology, informs decision-makers, and drives engagement and research.
  • Vision Our vision is to position the Great Lakes region as home to a global water economy and technology leader that drives regional job growth, business attraction, market-driven innovation, and economic impact while stewarding watershed assets, improving water quality, and increasing healthy lakefront access for all residents and regional patrons.
  • Purpose  We accelerate the Great Lakes region's water economy by generating innovative answers to global freshwater issues. CWA serves as a connector and hub: providing quality data, meaningful connections, powerful solutions, valuable investment, and rich opportunities to those who use, manage, and monitor our planet’s most precious asset.
  • Address 1800 E63rd Street, Cleveland, OH 44103
  • Location Cleveland Water Alliance has offices hosted in the MAGNET building in Cleveland, Ohio.

Short Bio

Cleveland Water Alliance (501c3) (CWA) is an economic development organization, technology cluster, and innovation accelerator. CWA collaborates with innovators worldwide to fast-track technological solutions to global water challenges, emphasizing a market-driven approach. By engaging directly with end-users, such as utilities, CWA effectively connects them with tailored tech solutions that address their specific challenges and needs.

This partnership model ensures that innovations are not only cutting-edge but also directly applicable and beneficial to those facing the most pressing water-related issues globally. By bridging the gap between groundbreaking water technologies and their practical application, CWA plays a pivotal role in transforming how water resources are managed and preserved, leading to sustainable and efficient water use around the world.

Long Bio

Established in 2014, Cleveland Water Alliance (CWA) seeks to better utilize the Great Lakes Region's economic and job-creating potential while urging greater care of our most valuable natural asset. By collaborating with private and public sector leaders, we’re spearheading a critical effort to broaden how our region - and the world - values, manages and capitalizes on its precious water supply.

CWA has developed Lake Erie as the world's largest digitally connected freshwater body, investing in over $5M+ in infrastructure since 2022 and attracting the attention of agencies, institutions, and water technology companies from around the world.

‍CWA is a global leader in facilitating a freshwater economy, mobilizing over 300 industry-leading companies, research institutions, utilities, and maritime interests, as well as federal, state, and local government agencies. Since our founding, we’ve added over 300 annual net new jobs to regional water technology industries, ranging from entry-level utility operators to software, manufacturing, and infrastructure engineers. CWA has also invested over $500,000 directly into early-stage innovations.

‍This robust infrastructure and expertise supports CWA to expand its powerful impact by leveraging collaborative research, multi-sector partnerships, data accessibility, and end-to-end solutions to spur innovation-driven impact and develop sustainable solutions to regional and global water challenges.

Cleveland Water Alliance is a non-profit organization (501c3).


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Team & Leadership


Bryan Stubbs
Executive Director & President
Max Herzog
Deputy Director of Programs & Partnerships
Ebie Holst
Director, Clusters and Innovation
Samantha Martin
Director of Communications and Engagement
Ge (Jeff) Pu
Water Innovation Postdoc Fellow
Emily Hamilton
Innovation Advocate/Deal Flow Analyst
Diane Quimper-Balliett
Office/CRM Manager, Executive Assistant
Dorothy Baunach
Entrepreneur in Residence
Austin Friedman
Development Coordinator
Natalie Van Scyoc
Innovation Associate

Headshots and Bios are available here: Headshots


  • Blake Oatey | CWA STRATEGIC PLANNING CHAIR | Oatey Company
  • Dr. Chris Winslow | CWA PROGRAM COMMITTEE CHAIR | Ohio Sea Grant
  • Kyle Dreyfuss-Wells | CWA GOVERNANCE COMMITTEE CHAIR | Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District
  • Dr. Jeannette Grasseli Brown | CWA FOUNDING PRESIDENT
  • Tushar Patel | CWA FINANCE COMMITTEE CHAIR | Eaton
  • Dr. Kirsten Ellenbogen | CWA BOARD CHAIR | Great Lakes Science Center

Board Members

  • Beth Allison | Kinetico Incorporated
  • Blake Oatey | Oatey Company
  • Dr. Bob Heath | Kent State University
  • Bonita (Bonnie) Teeuwen | City of Cleveland
  • Bryan Stubbs | Cleveland Water Alliance
  • Dr. Chris Winslow | Ohio Sea Grant
  • Dr. Jeanette Grasselli Brown
  • Joe Jankowski | Case Western Reserve University
  • Joe Roszak | Cleveland Metroparks
  • Julius Ciaccia | Isle Utilities
  • Kyle Dreyfuss-Wells | Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District
  • Dr. Kirsten Ellenbogen | Great Lakes Science Center
  • Dr. Meredith Bond | Cleveland State University
  • Robert Davis | AquaOhio
  • Ryan Callender, Esq. | Squire Patton Boggs
  • Dr. Stephanie Smith | Xylem
  • Tushar Patel | Eaton
  • Maria Bocanegra | Cleveland Port
  • Dr. Mandy Munro-Stasiuk | Kent State University
  • Mike Schum | Moen Incorporated
  • Chris Noonan | GPI2 Incporporated
  • Abhishek Sharda | Brown and Caldwell

Program Committee

  • Aaron Klein | City of Sandusky, Department of Public Works
  • Benjamin Ward | Cleveland State University
  • Dr. Bob Heath | Kent State University
  • Dr. Chris Winslow | Ohio Sea Grant
  • David Nash | McMahon DeGulis, LLP
  • Dr. Joe Jankowski | Case Western Reserve University
  • Chris Nurre | Case Western Reserve University
  • Grant Goodrich | Case Western Reserve University
  • Sandra Morgan | Kent State University
  • Scudder Mackey | ODNR, Office of Coastal Management
  • Abhishek Sharda | Brown and Caldwell
  • Dr. Stephanie Smith | Xylem
  • Max Herzog | Cleveland Water Alliance

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CLEWA Director of Communications and Engagement

Samantha Martin