$1.1M Awarded to Wayne State U's Microplastics Monitoring project, CWA Included

April 15, 2024
Great Lakes Protection Fund


Great Lakes Protection Fund

Our partners at Wayne State were awarded their ~$1.1M Great Lakes Protection Fund award to build a microplastics monitoring and action network across the Great Lakes. We are included in the proposal alongside two of our strongest volunteer science network groups.

Year Awarded: 2024

Awarded: $1,190,000

Team Leader:  Wayne State University

This team, comprising scientists and community partners from Wayne State University, Huron River Watershed Council, Cleveland Water Alliance, Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper, and Resource Recycling Systems, will create a Great Lakes-focused microplastic action network that will use proven reduction strategies and new analytic tools, including a new open-source analytic engine, or “Library,” for identifying environmental microplastics. The Library will empower communities with the ability to identify local pollution sources for the first time, offering new opportunities for microplastic pollution mitigation at a local level.

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