Water Education: STEM, Youth Empowerment and Workforce Development

September 21, 2022

About the speakers

Julianne Jones

Water Leadership Institute
Water Environment Federation

Julianne Jones manages most of WEF’s specialty conferences and works with volunteers to set the programs. She leads the conversion of conferences into virtual events with building the site, recording, video editing, and running the live event. She organizes and manages the Water Leadership Institute, working on setting the program and organizing logistics, as well as being the main contact for the participants.

Amanda Hering

Professor Hering is a statistical modeler with problems requiring multivariate time series, spatial statistics, Markov-switching, clustering, and validation of primary interest. Much of her work is interdisciplinary with applications ranging from wind energy to water reuse to defense. Her current interests are in modeling big, multivariate, spatial datasets; developing methods for categorical spatial data; and detecting outliers and faults for process and data monitoring. Dr. Hering works with researchers whose data structures generate new statistical methodologies because either the goals or the size of the data presents a new challenge.

D. Andrew Ferguson


D. Andrew Ferguson and partner Douglas McConnell founded Argonaut (formerly known as PHASTAR) in the fall of 2010. In 2011, he was appointed as the organization’s first President and CEO. In this role, he has been responsible for the overall direction and operations of the organization. His vision and direction lead to the opening of the Davis Aerospace and Maritime High School in 2017.

Nick Passarelli

Nick Passarelli has worked in the Environmental Field for over 30 years. He is a licensed Professional Engineer with a BS and MS in Civil/Environmental Engineering from George Washington University. Nick also has a Class IV ABC Wastewater Operator’s license. For almost the past 15 years he has worked at DC Water in the Process Engineering/Operations Group. Prior to working for DC Water, Nick worked in the consult engineering field for AECOM/Metcalf & Eddy as a consulting/design engineer.

Laureline Josset

Laureline Josset is an Associate Research Scientist at the Columbia Water Center, where she works on the evaluation of water stresses through integrated assessments, the optimization of management strategy for water quantity and quality, and the transitions in the Food-Energy-Water nexus. Collaborating with actors from the government of New York State (NYSERDA) and the civil society (The Nature Conservancy), Laureline focuses on the quantification of risks due to uncertain climate and data to inform decisions. Before joining Columbia, she obtained a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Physics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL; Switzerland) and a PhD in Earth Sciences at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland). Laureline teaches for the Sustainable Management program classes on water system analysis and groundwater management, with a particular emphasis on conceptual modeling and system thinking.